5 Best Things to Do in Bangkok at Night

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Sawatdee Ka, readers!

Let’s just say, with Bangkok and nighttime, if you’re into it, they have it. Although I could list every single thing that’s available to you, you can check that on TripAdvisor, so let’s cut the bull and narrow it down to the 5 Best Things to Do in Bangkok at Night

1. Go to a Muay Thai fight, and wonder how the fighters don’t get sick of punching each other in the face.

This shit is insane. It was my first time at a live fight, ever though, so my heart was really pumping.

Here’s some info I was able to take in during my first fight experience:

  • Muay Thai is also known as “The Art of Eight Limbs” because, unlike traditional boxing, it uses fists, elbows, knees, shins, — 8 contact points — to allow the body to mimic war weapons. The hands mimic the sword and dagger. Traditional kickboxing only uses 4 contact points and usually fighters will disqualified if they knees/elbows, grapple, or clinch. So basically, with Muay Thai, you get a lot more to work with — even kicks below the waist.Muay Thai Show in Bangkok
  • Muay Thai started all the way back in the 16th century. It became especially recognized when Siamese fighter Nai Khanomtom was captured during the battles between Burmese of the Konbaung Dynasty and Siam. The Burmese would only free him if he won a battle using his style of combat fighting. Well, he did win, and chose to bring two wives with him to Siam versus the money. Now his style is the most popular in Thailand.
  • Muay Thai was taught to soldiers for when they were disarmed back in the day, and today there are Muay Thai schools all over the city — one just right by where we were staying — for self defense and staying in shape.
  • I picked Lumpini Stadium to watch the Muay Thai fight because it is one of the most legit stadiums in Bangkok. We took scooter taxis to get there. Efficient, and terrifying. Things to Do in Bangkok at Night

2. Go to Sky bar for the best views of Bangkok and try not to trip anywhere close to the edge.

If you are into sky bars, this place is the best. Sky bar is located on top of Lebua State Tower, and actually a scene from the Hangover 2 was shot there.

A couple of more tips:

  • Dress nicely before heading here. Hanging out at a cocktail bar 840 feet in the air calls for some serious swag attire.
  • Try to go earlier in the night, as it tends to get more busy later in the evening. You won’t be fighting for the epic photos spots. I went at 8 a.m. which I thought was a good time.
  • Apparently you can’t stop on the stairway, just as a head’s up. It couldn’t be for being over-crowded, because this place definitely isn’t. I think they don’t want people tripping on them and falling.

3. A ladyboy show will leave you feeling impressed (and curious).

So, this is kind of the wild card, and definitely not for everybody. But, I thought it was pretty cool, and really appreciated all the work (and money) these ladyboys put into, well, who they really are.

Things to Do in Bangkok at Night

Bangkok is known for being totally accepting of who you on the inside. It’s not frowned upon if a man feels that he identifies more so with being a woman, and vice-verse. Thailand is quite a popular destination for people who want to undergo transgender procedures.

So, low and behold, I decided to go to a ladyboy show, and it was awesome. The women were totally into it, didn’t miss a beat, and sang and dance their hearts out. You could tell how much fun they were having on stage, and that helped us have a great time too. Of course, I sang along with them.

BONUS: Some of the places are all you can drink. Although, I’d recommend sticking to beer. The cheap wine left me with a not-so-fun headache in the morning.

4. Chillax inside a hookah bar. 

We got the intel from a homie about this place called Bombay Blues. It’s new, the vibes are cool, and you sit on the floor with ultra cozy cushions trying different flavors of hookah against dark red lights. If you want to go out at night, but don’t want to burn holes in your pockets, check this place out.

Things to Do in Bangkok at Night

5. Who cares, you just want to party.

If none of these suit you, you’re either A) really boring or B) don’t really care what you do, you just want to have a drink in your hand, loud music playing in the background, and club lights that leave you feeling blind. Well, good news for you, you can find that too. There are tons of clubs all throughout Bangkok, especially in the Sukhumvit area. Take a night to explore all of your options. Cheers!


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