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7 Things that Happen to Your Closet When You Turn 25

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Whether we are still students, out in the professional world, or somewhere in between, our style has undoubtedly changed since 18. The real question is, have you let your closet change? I know mine is a blunt mix of what I was and who I am, but after my 25th birthday the quarter-life crisis is hitting me. Hard. It’s time to re-vamp and re-evaluate what stays and what goes. You are cordially invited to my purging party, and here are six major changes that my closet is undergoing.

1. All those cute spike heels up there, yeah they’re mainly for show now.
You have about 2-3 trusty pairs that you know will last the whole night on those rare occasions you head out for a night on the town. Upside: Your sandals and flats game is on point!



2. Your body-tight dresses are replaced by flowy blouses.
Personally, I am somewhat happy about this. I find myself less scared of a camera catching me at an unflattering angle with a flowy top on, rather than a skin-tight mini dress.



This may even lead to me having more fun that night! However, there are a few dresses in there that remain in the far back corner of our closets. Vegas, 2011, silver sequin dress, you will never leave my closet so get comfortable back there. I’ll let go of most, but not all!

3. You find yourself hoarding jeans.
Maybe this one is just me, but in my teens and well into my twenties I had two pairs of jeans, MAX. They were lucky if they got washed once a week, but were worn every. damn. day. Now that I have hit the sophisticated age of 25 (thought I would throw in a good joke here), I notice a significant amount of jeans in my closet. Dark, light, pale green, pastel pink, grey, black denim, you get the picture. Granted, one pair will still contain holes incase I’m feeling ‘edgy’ that day. Also, I spend more on laundry detergent due to more washing of these jeans. Everybody’s got to grow up sometime…

4. My cutoff shorts are for the beach and hanging around the house.
Spending my early twenties in the Carolinas, my cutoffs were a way of life. Now, I notice myself switching to skirts, dresses, or even leggings when going out over my cutoff shorts.



With that said, it is ALWAYS acceptable to go grocery shopping wearing them. It’s like one huge 25-year-old oxymoron that I love. They are wondering, Wow, she shops like a mom, but dresses like she’s 19. Minds = blown!

Raw Hem Denim Cutoff Free People

Raw Hem Denim Cutoff from Free People

Clearly I overthought that.

5. You are more about versatility than WOW factor.
You want to be able to wear an outfit to work, yet grab a few drinks with your girls afterwards, but not look overdressed. This is hard to do with a crop top that says “Live for Love” on it. You got me, it’s downright impossible. I care less about which dress will set people’s eyeballs on fire, and more about which fabric feels more comfortable wearing all day.

6. It really does become more about quality than quantity.
You notice yourself spending more on clothes, which in moderation, is a good thing. You begin stocking up on those cute skinny leg work slacks from New York & Company.

SOHO JEANS from New York & Company

SOHO JEANS from New York & Company

You also start taking Target up on their buy one get one tank top sales for under your small, but growing, selection of blazers.

Women‘s Challis Sleep Tank Top Playful Coral - Gilligan & O‘Malley®

Women‘s Challis Sleep Tank Top Playful Coral – Gilligan & O‘Malley® from Target

7. Your jewelry thrives off of this change.
Between the green rings that cheap jewelry leaves, and the realization that a $2.99 necklace has the lifespan of a trending topic on Twitter, your jewelry game gets a major upgrade by 25.

Silver Leaf Ring

Silver Leaf Ring by Minkykitten on Etsy

You are getting more jewelry as gifts, you are saving up for those cute diamond earrings. This is a win-win for you and your 25-year-old style.

I wonder what 30 has in store?! What are some of the trends you’ve chosen to keep and ditch as you celebrate being young and beautiful?

Haley Reagan is a young mother and fiancee who kicks ass and takes names. Wisconsin born and raised, but a Carolina transplant, and is studying to be a Middle Grades teacher, so yes, she is borderline insane. She really strives to be the Shane Falco in a world of Eddie Martels.

  • Kellie

    Well, to answer your question, a trend I kind’of have to ditch the past year to two was the whole festival trend thing. Now, at the age of 26, although I am not in the professional business world or in school, nor am I going to festivals anymore I have had to create a somewhat new, nicely balanced thread trend. When I’m at the house, ‘hanging out’, or just running out real quick, I tend to utilize my ol’ beach shorts and tanks. When going out, whether it’s to dinner/drinks, or out&about for the day, I keep it classy, yet comfortable, like you said. I enjoy wearing shoes, such as the ones in your picture, perhaps a mid length skirt, and a nice top. I am obsessed with Free People, but it’s not always practical for my price range ha. I’m still working on always bringing a cardigan or jacket, just in case, I always mess that one up and forget.. Still learning.

    • Haley Reagan

      If free peopke was cheaper it would be all my closet consisted of!! 🙂 also, i try to carry a sweater with me always but inevitably forget when i need it most LOL. Luckily i have a few semesters yet until it REALLY matters what im wearing,
      We have a lot to be proud of, no one would have guessed that we would be these sophisticated ladies a few years ago when we were party girls in MB 😉 Proud of you Kel! 🙂