Will USA Get Their Sweet Revenge in World Cup Final?

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Team USA is headed to the finals, and they will compete with non-other than 2011’s world cup, penalty kick champion’s, Japan. It’s a bittersweet match-up for the US, because four years ago, they lost to Japan in PK’s after being up twice in 90-minute regulation/overtime. But on the sweet side, Team USA will get a second chance to come out and kick ass in the 2015 World Cup Final on Sunday, July 5th!


It’s a new squad and new year for team USA. Faster players, a killer defense and witty midfield. If the US play to their full potential Sunday, there’s no way they can be stopped from receiving the World Cup trophy. With strong communication and the confidence to attack towards goal, Japan will have a tough time slowing down USA’s ability to capitalize.


USA all the way!!

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