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Do You Prefer Texting or Calling? Ask VIRTVE.

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When it comes to new age technological communication, there are a lot of things up in the air, especially as in what etiquette is preferred with a member of the opposite sex. We all already know how lame it might be to hit up a girl to hang out on a Friday night via Facebook or Snapchat. But recently, I recently had a question from a good friend. He wanted to know whether or not girls preferred to get a phone call from a guy or if they more so preferred a text message when looking to hang out come the weekend. Although all girls might have their own preferences, here’s what we had to say. Have a question for us? Don’t be shy, let us know what they are in the comments section for the next rendition of Ask VIRTVE.

@SassFitz: I am all about a guy who isn’t shy to use his handsome speaking voice 😉 . If he’s into me, definitely a call. Now, it’s not his fault if I’m away from my phone at the time he calls, so if he needs to send me a text to confirm plans that’s totally fine. A voicemail on the other hand!? Eh … I can see you called, so a text is preferred over voicemail. Either way, I’m never going to deny hanging out with a guy if he texts me first. Chances are if he’s into me, I feel the same way, and I’ll appreciate the gesture regardless. 🙂

@KaitlynSchlicht: I prefer text, but after the third-ish time we’ve hung out, then please call me. Let’s get past the text-hump. Also, I think there is a time to talk on the phone and a time to text. If we are making plans or figuring out what to do, I think a phone call is best when an actual conversation is necessary. I think texts work better for short quick confirmations. For example, What should we do tonight? = phone call. What time will you be here? = text.

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