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What are Your Favorite Summertime Pieces? Ask VIRTVE.

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Summertime, a.k.a., sexy and single season, is here. Now we get to bring out the minis, the cut offs, the brallettes, oh you know – the pieces that make the boys say hey. Heyyyyyyy. Here’s what we’re rocking for when the sun is out, and when it goes down. Have a question for us? Don’t be shy, let us know what they are in the comments section for the next rendition of Ask VIRTVE.


  • Comfortable and low back maxi dresses.
  • A bright pair of Nike sneakers.Kassidy Fitzpatrick - Nike
  • Crop tops.Kassidy Fitzpatrick - VIRTVE
  • Overalls.Kassidy Fitzpatrick - VIRTVE
  • And a sexy party outfit. [Pictured below in Nasty Gal]Kassidy Fitzpatrick - VIRTVE


@KaitlynSchlicht: I’ve been somewhat limited when it comes to my wardrobe right now, as I was supposed to leave Costa Rica approximately 3.5 weeks ago and am relying solely on my 6 days days worth of clothes. Glad I brought some cute ones. Below are the pieces that have literally become a second skin to me.

  • My black Vans. I wear these everywhere — traveling the country, heading the to the local bar for a drink or two, and when I walk down the beach for my morning surf sessions.Kaitlyn Schlicht - Costa Rica
  • Cut offs come in second. If you look my Instagram right now, you’ll notice I wear these pretty much every day because they pretty much go with everything (and because of the aforementioned clothes deficiency), plus the high-wasted, baggy look makes me look a little bit thinner. Always a plus. These pair are from Forever 21, and damn, I’m glad I brought them.Kaitlyn Schlicht - Costa Rica
  • Shwood sunglasses. I wear these everyday. They are the perfect conversation starter, as they are made from literal wood, eco friendly, the whole nine yards — and are quite perfect for watching the sunset.  Shwood - Kaitlyn Schlicht

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