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Dear Shuman – Real Answers from a Real Man

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It’s that time again, where we get to tap into the mind of a guy, Mr. Andy Shuman, by asking him all of our curious questions. You know, the ones girls have, but can’t really ask a guy because, it would be awkward. Here’s a few that VIRTVE has come up with, but if you have some questions for our guy Shu, don’t be shy. And if you are shy, you can always email us anonymously at VIRTVEmag at gmail dot com.

1. What would you do if you were hitting on the same girl that someone else was?

Depends on how hard I’m diggin’ her. I’m going to assume that I’m into this one. I’d start the conversation immediately and keep her interested by subtly joking with her. I’d approach it with a pretty laid back attitude. Even if another guy was trying to hit on you, I’d make sure to give you space, then let you come find me. I’m not going to stop another guy that’s hitting on some girl that I just met, but being confident and interesting will get me a long way. I’d make sure to revisit her by the end of the night, but chances are we’d meet back up sooner than that – and if not, then I’m not too worried about it. The key is confidence.

2. What if you were hanging out with a girl that you like, not dating, and she kissed another guy and you found out. Would you stop seeing her? Would you still probably be friends? 

I’d have to wonder if hanging out meant that we were hooking up. I’m going to assume yes, because if I’m hanging out with you because I’m into you, then we’ve definitely kissed. If we’re not dating or hooking up and are just friends, then I’m not really into you like that, and therefore don’t care if you kiss someone else. If I really like you, then I won’t hang out with you for too long without getting any. But to answer the question … Yes, if I was trying to date a girl and saw her kiss someone else, it would turn me off and I’d stop seeing her. Now, if we’re just friends with benefits, then I’d assume that could be happening anyway. I wouldn’t like it but I’d still talk to you … though you’d have to make up for it. 😉

3. What do you think about girls that ask guys on a date? Is that weird to you, do you like it? Do you feel like the romance is lost?

There are unique ways for a girl to ask a guy on a date without making it feel like a date. If the girl is cool enough to realize that, then I’m for sure into it. Also, romance is a strong word. To me romance comes after a couple dates. Sexual tension on the other hand … I wouldn’t lose that if a girl that I was into asked me on a date. I’d just joke with her for asking me on a date. The key is to never make her feel any doubt that I wouldn’t have asked her in the first place. Now, if the reason I never asked her on a date was because I wasn’t into her, then I’d make up a reason not to go. Chances are that if a guy doesn’t ask you on a date, it’s for a reason. 

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