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Who is Cannabis Copywriter? The One Writer Your Marijuana Business Needs

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Let’s just say I have a close relationship with Cannabis Copywriter. Although I can’t tell you exactly who she is to protect her identity and day job, I’ve seen this woman make some seriously quick power moves by working her ass off and doing what she loves. These kind of people don’t come around a lot. A witty writer, once-in-a-lifetime friend, and serious mover and shaker, Cannabis Copywriter is going to make headway these next few years. She has the ability to greatly affect the marijuana industry in Colorado by transforming small companies into well-known brandsThis girl knows how to connect the dots. Hear her out:

Tell me a little about yourself. Where you live, what you do to pay the bills, all the boring stuff, etc.

Hello, I’m the Cannabis Copywriter. I’m currently living in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with my amazing partner. My background in advertising, branding, and digital marketing means I have expertise in connecting a variety of consumers to relevant brands. Today, I use that experience to help cannabis brands tell their stories.

What is Cannabis Copywriter?

Cannabis Copywriter is the secret weapon for the Davids of the cannabis industry. We help the mom-and-pop shops in marijuana. The startups. People with passion for what they do but who may not know how to market that story. Cannabis Copywriter elevates those green brands with crafted content and marketing that gets consumers to care, share, and convert.

Why did you decide to involve yourself with the marijuana industry? What sparked the interest in the first place?

This might be surprising, but I didn’t smoke growing up; maybe once in a blue moon during my first few years in college. It made me too anxious, too paranoid. That is, until I took a semester abroad in Amsterdam.

It’s still somewhat of a faux pas in that culture but it isn’t illegal. Any anxiety I would normally feel from getting high in the States just wasn’t there. I remember thinking, “This is how it should be. How many people could this little plant help?”

Fast forward a few years ,and I found myself living in Colorado around the time that recreational use was coming into play.

I realized that this was history in the making.

This was one of the rare times in one’s life that you got to witness first-hand the end of an era of prohibition and the birth of an entirely new industry. That in itself was so awesome to me, but there’s also an aspect of activism to it, too.

In the United States, black and white communities use marijuana at approximately the same rate, yet black people are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana. It doesn’t make sense to incarcerate individuals for what is typically a non-violent offense. That’s somebody’s life ruined, that’s taxpayer money going to waste, that’s upholding the stigmatization of something that does less harm than tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals.

What are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve come up against and how did you overcome them?

I like to say I’m the trinity of “other”, AKA a queer, minority woman. Meaning

on a fundamental level, my view and experience of the world is typically different than most,

especially compared to those in corporate America.

Which is funny because it seems like companies and organizations today can’t stop talking about diversity. I can barely scroll through any one of my feeds without coming across some think piece that boils down to how hiring more [insert marginalized group] will eventually lead to a fatter bottom line for a company.

The issue with this is that most companies will then hire more diversity just for the sake of diversity, without fully comprehending how to successfully utilize and integrate those who can broaden the viewpoint of an organization. They think, “I checked off some diversity boxes today. My work is done here.”

This typically translates into me having to work twice as hard to prove I didn’t get to my position because I checked the coveted “diversity box”.

So that means balancing speaking up and speaking out, offering help first and taking credit last, and being cognizant of the fine line where it can seem like one’s flaunting their differences or just embracing their unique life experiences.

How do you balance it all out?

There is always a notebook on me. In that notebook is always a to-do list. Literally, any and every thing I have to do is written down and then prioritized by short-, medium-, and long-term tasks. From there, each day’s goal is to cross off enough tasks on the list that I will move one step closer to accomplishing my big overall goal.

Where can I find you on a Saturday night?

Either cuddling up with my partner in our cozy bungalow, watching a movie, or we’re out dancing our faces off.

Why do you decide to start your own business? Did anyone really push you to do it and give it a go?

A need for freedom and responsibility.

When you start your own business, there’s nobody to tell you what you need to do in order to be successful.

That beautiful burden is squarely upon your shoulders alone. There’s nothing quite like entrepreneurship to help one understand and push their own abilities and limits.

Cannabis Copywriter

Cannabis Copywriter’s business card

Cannabis Copywriter

Cannabis Copywriter – back of business card

What wakes you wake up in the morning?

My partner, passion, and cold brew coffee.

Where do you find your intuition/drive/focus/momentum?


Whether inked on paper, lit up on a screen, or dispensing from another human being’s mouth, stories connect us all.

Stories have raised empires, started wars, advanced our world, and everything in between.

No matter good or bad, there is an inherent spark of awe in every story. That thing that speaks to you and says “anything is possible”.

What’s your most memorable moment working with Cannabis?

When I went to my first trade show. I was new to this industry and didn’t know anybody yet. I started talking to these two young hemp entrepreneurs from Ohio at the first booth I stopped by. Suddenly, they were whisking me over to another booth on the next aisle, “You’ve got to meet so-and-so!” they said along the way.

And so it went. I pinballed around the entire trade show, being introduced from booth to booth, thanks to the hospitality and collab-petition [collaboration and competition] within the cannabis community. That’s when it hit me … at least for now,

this entire industry depends on everybody succeeding.

No other industry I’ve been part of has been even remotely similar.

If you could collaborate with one person, who would it be and why?

I don’t think I can chose one person. For now at least, I’ll say my friends. They’re some of the most passionate, talented, and intelligent people I know.

Companies/people you think are doing it right?

Companies: Apple, Amazon, Buffer, MOZ, Tesla, Red Bull.

People:  J.K. Rowling, Jesse Williams, Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey, Sir Richard Branson, my partner.

What is your dream?

Cannabis-related: For every eligible adult, and in-need child, to have safe and reliable access to cannabis in whichever way they need and/or prefer it.

Overall: For more people, myself included, to allow themselves to understand other perspectives and use their fears to their advantage. To not have to look back in order to realize how blessed of a life I have.

What are you doing to get there?

Actively trying to view the world through the lens of a child. I know, how Boulder (read: hippie) does that sound? But that really means not letting my life be ruled by more than a handful of absolutes.

I fall into the camp of thinking that it is not the strongest who survive, but those who adapt.

Favorite foods?

Chicken and waffles. Korean BBQ. Really good wings.

Three things in your home you can’t live without?

A ridiculously comfy bed, good quality tea/coffee, and books.

Who are you outside of Cannabis Copywriter? 

Storyteller; lifehacker; romantic; activist; sneaker enthusiast; lover of good bourbon, food, and conversation.

How can people get ahold of you?



Twitter: @cannabisCW

Phone: 866-709-7093

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